Now, get complete peace of mind for your Maruti. We are proud to present MARUTI INSURANCE - All your car insurance needs under one roof.0ur dealership has tied up with Bajaj Allianz & New India Assurance to bring this service for all its customers. At Maruti Insurance, you get the advantage of a one stop shop for all your car insurance needs. From identifying the most suitable car coverage to virtually hassle-free claim assistance it's your dealer who takes care of everything.

Benefits of Maruti Insurance:
Nationwide repair and emergency facilities:

No matter where you go across the length and breadth of India, Dealer workshop network of our principles Maruti Udyog Ltd. is at your service round the clock.

Near Cash-Less accident repairs:

All Maruti dealers will provide the customer with near cash-less repairs in their claim settlement. This means that the customer would not have to pay to the dealer for the repair charges to the extent it is payable by Insurance Co. Customer will just pay for the compulsory excess (fixed as per tariff according to the cubic capacity (cc) of the car) and applicable depreciation, which varies depending on the age of the vehicle and the type of the replaced parts. Rest of the amount will be settled directly between the dealer and the Insurance company.

Seamless services across nation:

The customer can get all the services like buying new policy, effecting renewals, endorsements and claims at any Maruti authorized dealer outlet across the dealer network spread all over India. The services cover right from policy issuance to emergency assistance to post accident repairs and claim settlement.

Faster & Fair Claim settlement:

With Maruti Insurance there are no hassles like other Insurance Co. is not giving fair claim settlement. Whatever is payable by standards is admissible by Insurance Co. The customer is not forced to bear the undue differential cost of repair/ replacement.

Easy settlement of claims with no follow-ups:

There would not be any need of the customer's personal involvement with the surveyor or Insurance company, nor would the customer have to worry about salvage disposal in the process of settlement of claims. All this will be taken care of by the dealer.

Repairs at Authorized Dealer workshops:

After an accident, the damaged vehicles are repaired at Our Workshops that are equipped with the best facilities and infrastructure. This would lead to quality repairs with Maruti Genuine spare parts and trained mechanics .With Maruti Insurance the customer need not compromise on the quality of repairs and thus the health of the car, by going to smaller roadside workshops.

Dealer Assisted towing facility:

Towing assistance would be provided, for getting the vehicle to the dealer workshop, in case of accidents where the vehicle has been rendered immobile. This facility is available free of cost upto Rs 1500/- . If the cost incurred for towing is more than Rs1500/-, then the excess amount will be borne by the customer. This can be increased should the insured prefer so by paying extra premium at the time of policy issuance.

Easy transfer of No claim bonus:

No matter which Insurance company the customers' vehicle was previously insured with, his no claim bonus earned on previous policy will be easily transferred to Maruti Insurance policy that a customer is buying at the time of renewal.

Quality repairs using Maruti genuine parts(MGP)

All Maruti vehicles will be repaired using Maruti Genuine Parts, making sure that car gets the best in terms of parts and service.

Instant Policy issuance:

No longer would the customer need to wait for the policy document, which sometimes takes months to get delivered from the Insurance company. With MI, the policy is issued through Internet and it is instantaneous.

Faster refunds and cancellations & Policy Verification:

Maruti Insurance is completely driven by IT systems and thus it is possible to have a faster response time for cancellations and refunds compared to other Insurance companies. At the time of payment of claims also, the policy and premium credit verification is instant. This adds to both Dealer and Customer comfort. "Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation"